Jessie-J-AlivePlus, we’ve got Sofia Vergara and Amber Heard in Red Band’s Machete Kills trailer.

Jessie J, bi British pop star, was disappointed when her new album Alive was leaked on the Internet. Realizing that the album was out before its release date was “such a shame” for the singer, who tweeted about it afterwards. Hey Jessie, anytime you need a shoulder, we got you boo! [aceshowbiz]

Out musician Michelle Malone released her video for “Other Girls” today! You can find the track on her new album, Day 2, which is available on her website and iTunes. The rock ’n’ roll and blues singer announced her tour dates as well, check for when she’ll playing near you here. [michellemalone]


Scary Spice, aka Melanie B, released her “For Once in My Life” music video. She goes through a bunch of costume changes and ends with an interesting twist where she shares a juicy kiss with…herself. Hey, we don’t mind! [dailymail]


Want to see Sofia Vergara shoot bullets from her boobs and Amber Heard gets punched in the vag? Yes and… no? Check out the Red Band trailer for Machete Kills. It’s a good mix of gory, hilarious, and hot. The film will be out on Oct. 11. [deadline]


Hey, Pretty Little Liars fans! Lucy Hale is going to be on the cover of Self Magazine’s October issue! Take a look at more of her sexy cover shoot photos here! [self]

Naya Rivera is hot this month! Everyone’s pumped to see her and Demi on screen together! In this interview, Naya talks about how she finds it easier to kiss women onset than men. No surprise there! [afterellen]


But wait, there’s more! Naya’s not done talking about her love interest with Demi Lovato on Glee this season. Do you think she really teaches Demi a thing or two in her trailer before filming? Here’s hoping. [afterellen]


The beautiful and hilarious Tina Fey is on the cover of Hollywood Reporter this week. She’s sharing a split cover with Jerry Seinfeld in this issue. She looks great! Expect to see it on stands this Wednesday. [hollywoodreporter]


Pope Francis is definitely making the headlines today! He said in an interview that, “the church can share its views on homosexuality, abortion and other issues, but should not “interfere spiritually” with the lives of gays and lesbians.” We definitely agree with him! [huffingtonpost]

Do we have any A-Campers out there? The much anticipated Autostraddle camp is only a few weeks away!  Stay tuned for more exclusive coverage!) We know some of you are getting anxious for Oct, but rest assured East Coasters. If you aren’t able to go this year, a pre-A-camp meetup is happening in Brooklyn this weekend! Hosts will take meet-up participants through the Lesbian Herstory Archives followed by an open discussion at the Red Horse Café. [autostraddle]