I Am…..2014 Identity CalendarOnce again the QAHC Lesbian Health Action Group are producing a calendar for the women in the LGBTIQ community in Queensland to be launched by Carol Lloyd, Australia’s First lady of Rock and Healthy Communities patron, at the International Lesbian Day (ILD) Expo on Oct 13 at Riverside Receptions.

In 2010 the group produced the highly successful “Boobalicious” Breast awareness calendar, followed in 2011 by “Pursuit of Pappiness” informing about HPV and the need for women in the LGBTIQ community to have pap smears.

They took a rest for a couple of years while they conducted the ILD Expo but after encouragement from the community they were enticed to produce I AM…. calendar

I AM….is a celebration of the diversity of women in the LGBTIQ community, it highlights the way they identify and the wonderful women of SEQ who came together to volunteer their time as models and photographers.

The women were asked to present themselves how they most felt comfortable expressing their sexual identity, why they identified the way they do, and explain 4 other ways they identified that were important to them, maybe their role in family or career, hobbies or sports among a few.

I AM…. Will be available for a small donation at several events over the coming months and from the QAHC website with a small cost for postage