Sally Morris, Queensland MindOUT! Coordinator
Sally Morris, Queensland MindOUT! Coordinator

Workshops for those questioning their sexuality or gender identity.

Healthy Communities with support from the Ian Potter Foundation is hosting a series of free workshops called ‘Proud to be Out’ for people who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity or are new to the LGBT identity and community

Proud to be Out’ is a series of three workshops held on the evenings of Thursday 30 May, 6 June and 13 June, and will cover a range of topics including realising your sexuality and/or gender identity, disclosing your identity to those you care about, relationships, health and wellbeing and connecting to the LGBT community.

The workshops are intended to help people understand their sexuality and gender identity, gain confidence within themselves and assist them in finding a sense of belonging within their communities and most importantly a sense of pride.  This will also be a great opportunity for participants to meet new friends and connect with other newly out people.

“We all have a coming out story that is significant to our journey of developing a positive identity; however, coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender can be difficult.” Says Sally Morris, Queensland MindOUT! Coordinator and workshop co-facilitator.

Coming out can feel isolating and as though you are alone because we live in a community that often does not provide good role models, there is limited support available and a lack of information. Though through these workshops, participants will learn that this is not the case but that moving through the coming out process can bring resilience and strength to their lives.