Coming Out Much has been said about Coming Out.

Some feel really relieved after they have Come Out and acknowledge that it is something one has to keep doing throughout life as its impossible to tell people you have not yet met!

Others find it very difficult to come out as they fear what others will think. “Others” usually includes the Family, Work Colleagues and straight friend’s.

People considering Coming Out can have many influences which make the decision to Come Out very complex.

Naturally these may include Homophobia. People may also be suffering from Internalized Homophobia as well as Peer Pressure, ie, people who have Come Out and recommend it and ,worse still, say they will not remain in the relationship unless that person Comes Out.

All of this, is of course, is very distressing. For this reason, Psychotherapy can help. There is no agenda from the Psychotherapist. This allows the Patient to explore all their contradictions in a Professional    secure and   private, setting.

The aim to become clearer about ways of proceeding may emerge if the Patient has the ability to continue with their Sessions for some time. In order to gain a better  understand of all these pressures and how they impact on a personal decision.

If the price of the Sessions is affordable and/or Medicare Rebates are possible, this can help with a person’s commitment to Psychotherapy.

Above all, people seeking Psychotherapy need to feel that they actually like the Psychotherapist and feel comfortable in their presence.