Girli, the London-based, half-Australian alt-pop sensation, has captivated audiences worldwide with her unique sound and unapologetic approach to self-expression.

As she embarked on the Australian leg of her Matriarchy album tour last month, fans eagerly awaited her live performances.

The Rise of Girli

Milly Toomey, known by her stage name Girli, has been on an explorative journey of self-discovery. Rejecting labels and refusing to be boxed in, she embraces vulnerability as her superpower. Her courage is rooted in years of self-reflection, navigating a world where she often felt misshapen and out of place.

With a growing discography, Girli’s music has become integral to fans’ everyday lives. Her recent sophomore album, Matriarchy, released on 17 May, marks a revealing era for the artist. Tracks like ‘Nothing Hurts Like a Girl’, ‘Be With Me’, ‘Crush Me Up’, and the powerful anthem ‘Matriarchy’ resonate with listeners worldwide.

Feminism, Sexuality, Identity, and Mental Health

Girli’s passions extend beyond music. She fearlessly uses her platform to ignite conversations around critical topics:

Feminism: Advocating for gender equality and dismantling stereotypes.
Sexuality: Celebrating queer love and challenging societal norms.
Identity: Embracing individuality and rejecting conformity.
Mental Health: Opening up about struggles and promoting self-care.

Matriarchy: A Rebirth

Matriarchy represents a rebirth for Girli. She explores her sound, taking the reins with complete creative control. As a cult figure and ambassador for the next generation of LGBTQIA+ musicians, she cements her place in the industry.

In Girli’s words, “I chose to use Matriarchy as the album title because that word means many things to me. It’s the matriarchy of being a queer woman in love with another, the matriarchy of being my queen who governs my life (or queendom), and a commentary on taking back power.”

In anticipation of the album’s release, Girli launched the Girliverse. Inspired by the music video for the album’s title track, the Girliverse is a vivid digital dollhouse filled with items, accessories, and secret clues. Fans explore this immersive world, connecting with Girli’s vision and creativity.

Representation matters, especially in today’s world. Girli fearlessly rewrites the rules, using her artistry to inspire, challenge, and empower. As her LGBTQI+ fan base grows, she remains a beacon of authenticity and resilience.

Keep an eye on Girli—she’s here to stay, and her impact is just beginning.

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