Hi Fashion
Hi Fashion

Plus, we’ve got Janelle Monae’s The Electric Tour dates

Get ready for some shaking, shimmying, and slapping in Hi Fashion’s new video for their song “Pupusa.” The track is off their EP, You Are Gorgeous, and it’s outrageously catchy. These are some lyrics and moves that will be stuck in your head for days. [mtvhive]

ABC’s The Fosters has been renewed for a second season! The storyline follows a melting pot of a family that is raised by two moms, and viewers love it. New-season one episodes will start airing in January. [variety]

To help start your weekend out right, here’s a picture of Kate Moss and Rita Ora sharing a steamy kiss at Rimmel’s 180th-anniversary celebration at the London Film Museum. [eonline]

Rhiannon Argo released her new book, “Girls I’ve Run Away With,” this month. Judge the book by its cover because is that a great title and photograph or what? The Lambda-award winning author strikes again with a lesbian on the road, getting mixed up in love and some other less great stuff. [autostraddle]

Conservatives are after Republican Liz Cheney for her 2009 statement on MSNBC in support of extending benefits to same-sex couples. Their response is a smear campaign, but what everyone is calling an attack ad just made us kind of want to vote for her! [pinknews]


The Internet has gone a little bit “Crazy” over an interview comment in which Britney Spears called gay people “adorable and hilarious.” While that does sound a little condescending, it has been taken out of context all over the web, because she was talking about friends of hers specifically, and not gay people in general. But feel free to weigh in on the debate; everyone’s entitled to her opinion. [slate]

Arielle Scarcella is a lesbian on Youtube whose weekly videos are filled with quips and wit for the queer crowd. Scarcella mainly talks about issues involving the LGBT community. Most recently, she addressed the common and burning question of why some lesbian peers secretly sleep with men, yet still identify as lesbians. For some thought-provoking entertainment, check out her YouTube channel. [allthingslesbeau]


This week, out talk radio host Cathy Debuono talks about coming out to her mom and their recent lesbian vacation together. It’s a heartwarming story that gets you all warmed up for her sexy chat with musical guest Janet Robin. [latalkradio]

Naya Rivera did a solo of “If I Die Young” on the Glee episode honouring Cory Monteith. The heartfelt song carries a burden with it, but Rivera did an excellent job singing it. [afterellen]


LGBT advocate Janelle Monae released her video “Primetime,” which tells the futuristic story of two people meeting and falling in love at a cyber-droid nightclub. The video is all about “electric ladies” and changing peoples’ perceptions of others—it’s definitely a unique and creative take on a love story. Monae’s “The Electric Tour” starts on Oct. 13 in Philadelphia. Check out the rest of her tour dates below and make sure to catch one of her shows! [jmonae]