Still from Once Upon a Time
Still from Once Upon a Time

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will host the Golden Globes for two more years Plus, Laura Prepon thinks women are beautiful and soft

Have you heard the news? You can add ABC’s Once Upon a Time to your list of primetime shows with lesbian subplots! Mulan totally came out in Sunday’s episode — looks like she’s in love with Sleeping Beauty, and everybody’s talking about it. Watch for yourself! [shewired]

Congratulations, New Jersey! The Garden State has recognized civil unions since 2007 but is now number 14 in the country to recognize same-sex marriages. [cnn]

Katy Perry released a new lyric video for her song “Unconditionally.” The video shows a simple, yet captivatingly beautiful profession of love from one woman to another. Models Janell Shirtcliff and Erika Linder play the parts in the new single off Perry’s album “Prism.” [huffingtonpost]

After huge success in spectator numbers and ratings last year, the Golden Globes Awards will again be hosted by icons Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in 2014 and 2015. The duo helped raise the awards to show ratings by 28 per cent in the 18-49-year-old demographic range, which put last years’ show at a 6 year all-time high. Way to go, ladies! We can’t wait to watch them again…and again. [hollywoodreporter]

Orange Is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne (Nicky Nichols) dishes some spoilers for season two of the web series. Apparently, she’s going to get a massive hair brushing and Dustin Diamond will be the new warden. Check out the video of Lyonne not even batting an eye as she goes through the list of “spoilers” for the next season, which is being released in 2014. [enstarz]

Speaking of OITNB, Laura Prepon recently spoke on The Arsenio Hall Show about playing a lesbian on the web series. She definitely took all of the rumours about not coming back for season two and seriously buried them. Prepon apparently likes kissing women and how incredibly “soft” they are. We like where she’s going with this! [metacafe]

Warning, this will make you cry. The first same-sex couple in North Carolina, and all of the south for that matter, successfully applied for a marriage license. Carol McCrory and Brenda Clark, who have been together for 25 years, have two kids and two grandchildren together, submitted an application for their marriage license this week. They’re still unsure about whether or not Attorney General Roy Cooper will grant his approval, but the two will be married in New York this November if Cooper does not follow through. [huffingtonpost]

Hey ladies, Carmen Electra wants you to hit her up on Instagram! Electra answered the question “would you ever legally marry a woman” on Bethenny and showed her love and support for the LGBT community before she gave that shout out. Also, we were hugely distracted by her nails the whole time she was talking. [afterellen]

The absolutely hilarious Wanda Sykes was on the equally funny Ellen DeGeneres Show. Obviously, the two lesbian comics put together will produce multiple laugh-out-loud worthy moments, and they definitely gave us just that on this episode. Watch Ellen’s stunned face as Sykes tells her that the reason she travels to France is that that’s where her wife’s vagina goes on vacation. [shewired]

Here to get you warmed up for Blue is the Warmest Color, as if you weren’t already, is excerpt No.2. Emma and Adele are all ready to burn it up onscreen, possibly at a film festival near you — widespread release in the US is Oct. 25. [onemorelesbian]

And the queer homecoming queens trend continues! In Long Island, lesbian student Faith Shepherd won the homecoming king title as a statement about gender identity and in support of her transgendered friend. [newsday]

Wanna star in the next piece of lesbian cinema from Nicole Conn? The writer/director of A Perfect Ending, now the bestselling lesbian film of all time, has put out a casting call for her next flick, based on her bestselling 2001 novel She Walks in Beauty. CC: your actor friends, and all the ladies you know with chemistry and charisma because the role is open to anyone with a camcorder and a bit of allure. [onemorelesbian]