Canberra Airport lid up at nightSupport for marriage equality has never been stronger and with the cross-party bill to be introduced this week, we have never had a better chance to achieve the reform.

Federal MPs were welcomed to Canberra Airport with the rainbow colours. The Australian Marriage Equality’s new national campaign slogan, #WeCanDoThis, accompanies the rainbow lighting.  With these displays of support, the community is hopeful that there will be a change within weeks in response to same-sex marriage.

The managing director of Canberra Airport, Stephen Byron, said that the light display was aimed at “supporting the end of ridiculous discrimination against same-sex couples.” He added that “this issue transcends politics.”

The #WeCanDoThis campaign is releasing a number of television advertisements. Each ad shows Australians from all backgrounds urging Parliament to make marriage equality legal across Australia.

Australian Marriage Equality National Director, Rodney Croome, said, “Our ad campaign showcases the diversity of support for marriage equality with farmers, football players, priests and parents all coming together to urge Canberra to embrace marriage equality.”

Croome attended the launch of the light display at Canberra Airport on Sunday and said that “the support of businesses that aren’t normally involved in social issues shows the strength of feeling in the Australian community in support or marriage equality.” He went on to add that “It’s in the interest of the government to move this bill forward rather than block it because support for marriage equality is growing all the time and the issue is clearly not going away.”

Warren Entsch, the federal Coalition MP, is expected to introduce the cross-party bill this week after the Liberal party room debates the issue.  Although the vote on the bill is controlled by the Coalition selection committee, the government can choose to introduce a vote at any time.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has remained silent on whether he will grant his ministers a free vote.