Cheeky-VelvetGearing up to embark on her ‘Flirt’ Tour, Melbourne Pop Musician, Cheeky Velvet is about to drop another single from her forthcoming album ‘Honeymoon’.

Known for her costumes, live show theatrics and dancing, she channels her live show sass into this banger

Velvet spills “I honestly was incredibly frustrated with the unwanted advances I receive from creepy guys after my gigs. My pop shows are racy and honest and my songs are very tongue-in-cheek but for some reason, they think this warrants their lewd inappropriate behaviour. This song is a really big f you to the guy who insists on pursuing you when you’ve made it clear you don’t want to have a conversation and the guy that slides into your DMS because he’s only forward enough to harass you over messenger.

I’ve been so inspired by Katy Perry’s MCG International Women’s Day Performance, I just think now is the time for us as women to speak up and to make statements.

Even after seeing Nicole Scherzinger’s interview (from the Pussycat Dolls) on the Project, I think it’s time to say that just because you see a confident performance where I express my empowered sexuality as a strong woman, it is not an open invitation for disgusting comments and lewd behaviour.

I won’t be allowing it, I won’t be accepting it and finally, I am speaking up and that all starts with this track, Flirt.’

Cheeky Velvet tells flirty guys everywhere, they are the worst in her latest pop-rock bop and look she’s not wrong.

‘Flirt’ drops on all streaming platforms on Friday the 20th of March.

Her pop shows have been described as reminiscent of early Lady Gaga and with the flair of Katy Perry.

With costumes, backing dancers and lots of sassy banter, this is one gig that’s not to be missed. If you want to see the colourful Cheeky Velvet slay a stage, catch her on her ‘Flirt Tour’ with shows announced for Brisbane and Melbourne in late March and a Sydney gig later on in the year.