fiori appThe developers at Fiori take the needs of trans and non-binary people seriously.

That’s why they’re the first networking app to help fund people’s gender transition goals.

Fiori is a networking app that provides a safe space for gender diversity. As a team, Fiori has made it their mission to do everything they can to protect and enrich users on their platform.

The developers have taken things a step further by funding trans and non-binary people’s transition goals. Every time 15,000 users open an account, Fiori gives 5 transgender users $5,000 — each.

While that won’t cover every medical cost, it will ease the financial burden that many transgender people face. It also gives cisgender allies of the community the chance to not only connect with their trans and non-binary friends, but to help support their transition goals, just by signing up.

Simply desiring medical assistance is not enough in many areas of the world. Gender transition is expensive, as are hormones, putting them out of reach of many. says Anna Doronina, Transwoman and Fiori Ambassador.

We know that gender is a spectrum, and so is transition. Each person sets their own affirmation goals. Sometimes that includes hormone therapy and surgery, or even just vocal coaching. Either way, many people who don’t identify with their assigned gender need help to complete their full transition.

While not everyone needs or wants to undergo gender transition therapy, for many, they can’t be their true self without it. says CEO of Fiori App.

It’s well-documented that gender transition is an effective way for many trans people to combat gender dysphoria. Sometimes it’s the only way for them to feel comfortable in their own skin. While certain insurance carriers and companies help cover some of the costs, many trans people have no access to financial aid for their transition goals. Fiori’s developers don’t want to just show solidarity — they want to actively help improve the general well-being of trans people around the world.