Fiori App screenshotApp developers have always struggled to create a safe networking space that suits transgender and non-binary people. Fiori has finally made this possible.

Providing a safe platform on which all genders feel comfortable interacting has been a challenge for app developers. For trans and non-binary folks, dating apps are often plagued with users who fetishize and harass them. Fiori, however, is different. By learning from the mistakes other apps have made, they’ve built a platform that is welcoming and inviting for transgender, non-binary, and cisgender people.

The purpose of our app is to make a safe space for transgender users and those who want to meet them, such as cisgender men and women or other members of the LGBTQ+ community. says CEO of Fiori App.

It’s a way to date, make friends, and get support. Fiori intends to build a welcoming, respectful, and encouraging community from the ground up. “Consent and respect,” is the Fiori team’s motto.

Fiori puts an emphasis on maintaining a secure, welcoming, and respectful community. The app has been built from the ground up with rigorous security features, designed to work in tandem with a team of highly-trained moderators. Users must provide a phone number and password when signing up, making it complicated for someone to open a new account should they get banned for unacceptable behaviour. To prevent automatic blocking, the moderating team manually goes through all reports before making a decision.

Fiori is the only app on the market that prioritizes trans people’s comfort, by ensuring a secure environment for positive relationships to develop among open-minded people of all genders and sexualities. says Anna Doronina, Transwoman and Fiori Ambassador.

Fiori is encouraging the world to embrace the full spectrum of gender and sexuality. Transgender and non-binary people are a part of the same diverse and beautiful ecosystem of human beings. This is something to be celebrated. Fiori’s ultimate goal is to bring members of the trans community closer to each other and to their cisgender allies.