My Little Friend

My Little Friend is about two friends who went to school together and went their separate ways for ten years. Now after ten years Emily comes back to town with her boyfriend and runs into her friend Amy.

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Kim Joyce: Timeless Moments Single

Kim Joyce has a silky soulful voice. Her song Timeless Moments, is a great R&B song that you will want to add to your own collection

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Check out award winning flick

Movie Review: Stud Life

This movie touches upon the stereotypes of butch and femme.

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Salt A Fatal Attraction

Film Review: Salt: A Fatal Attraction

Rand is a gallery owner and is very abusive to his wife Phoebe.

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Your Family Series By Michelle Forte

Every book in the series explains why each child is so loved and is so special.

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Louise + Her Lover

Film Review: Louise + Her Lover

Louise + Her Lover Starring Julie Howe, Morgan Powell, Deirdre Helihy

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Emotional Youth Drama “Ashley” Is Hard To Watch

Ashley is a 17 year old lesbian girl growing up in a very dysfunctional home.

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Melissa Ferrick: The Truth Is

Melissa Ferrick is a very talented songwriter and plays several instruments. She is an eight-time Boston Music Awards winner and a two-time RightOutTv Awards winner. Her music style over the years has been all over the charts.

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