DVD cover for 'Salt A Fatal Attraction'Rand is a gallery owner and is very abusive to his wife Phoebe.

Rand’s sister West has also been abused. One day Rand gets a concussion from the gallery and becomes confused.

Phoebe is happy to take care of her abusive husband at home. West decides to come and visit her brother and Phoebe.

Stacy Haiduk, Alexandra Wilson, Bradford Tatum

Phoebe and West begin talking about abuse and come up with a childish prank of salt in Rand’s drink.

Both women have been abused by Rand and have had enough of his abuse. Phoebe tells Rand that he can’t smell and that his taste is off. Phoebe and West begin a relationship between each other and the prank spins out of control. Rand becomes very dehydrated and will anyone miss him at the gallery? Is West telling the truth about the abuse? Will it be West or Phoebe that does the 40 teaspoons of salt?

This is a low budget film, but the end does have a great twist to it. The lighting in the film was dark in a lot of places.

We all know that if Rand lost his sense of smell, that he could still taste. The women do a good job with acting considering the script.