Four PlayA fabulous tale of diversity, fantasy and intimacy, with Kyle Henry’s new movie, Fourplay.

Fourplay is a film made up of four stories across four cities connected by four characters whose lives are charged by four unusual sexual encounters.

From the kooky to comic, playful to hopeful, imagined, delicate and downright kooky.

Director Kyle Henry explores the broad universe of intimacy with humour, tenderness and a definite Queer eye.

Previous screenings of the segments include Sundance, Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight, Outfest, Frameline36 and Iris Prize Festival.

Stars Gary Chason, Danielle Rene, Atticus Rowe, Sara Sevigny, Paul Soileau, Jose Villarreal, Cyndi Williams and introducing Christeene.

Check out the trailer here