womans doctor with female clientFinding a lesbian-friendly medical practitioner or mental health professional-just got simpler, thanks to DOCList.

DocLIST is an online list of doctors and mental health professionals who have been recommended by lesbians and bisexual women. The DocLIST team have recently started accepting recommendations of mental health professionals as this is an important area of health for many lesbian and bisexual women.

There are currently 56 general practitioners, 20 specialists, 6 mental health professionals and 2 dentists on the list, covering all Australian states and territories except Western Australia.  DocLIST now needs recommendations of more doctors and mental health professionals from all around Australia so that a large number of women can benefit from it.  Once a recommendation is received the health professional is contacted to let them know about the project and ask whether they agree to be added to the list.  The health professional is not told who recommended them.

DocLIST is run by the Australian Lesbian Medical Association (ALMA) who were awarded a grant in 2011 by LInc (Lesbians Inc) to assist them in funding the administration of the list, and another grant in 2012 to assist them in promoting the resource.  The Pink Sofa has also supported the project by promoting it on its website.

The list was set up in response to a clear need from the community. ALMA is frequently asked by lesbian and bisexual women for recommendations of lesbian/bi-friendly doctors in their area.  The DocLIST project aims to make lesbian-sensitive and bi-sensitive health care available to as many Australian women as possible and to congratulate health professionals who are providing an excellent service to lesbian and bisexual women. They can help this resource grow by recommending appropriate professionals and by spreading the word among their friends and contacts.