Check out award winning flickThis movie, Stud Life, touches upon the stereotypes of butch and femme.


Starring: T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove, Robyn Kerr

JJ, a wedding photographer, hails from London, England, and identifies as a butch (stud) lesbian. JJ’s best gay friend is Seb, who regularly helps her take photos. One night JJ is out nightclubbing and meets the soon-to-be love of her life, Elle. Sex becomes challenging as JJ likes to ‘make love to a woman, whereas Elle enjoys rough sex. Jealousy rivals Seb and Elle, which poses some issues of its own. There is also a dark secret looming that Elle holds close to her – this is what will test the true love that has engulfed JJ and Elle.

This movie touches upon the stereotypes of butch and femme. The film discusses sex toys and shows discrimination against butches in women’s bathrooms, rough sex, and gay bashing.

Stud life is a good movie. I think the film could have done the face-smacking scene differently. There are different fetishes and different tastes out there for everyone.