Rodney Croome
Rodney Croome

Marriage equality advocates have welcomed the Federal Government’s inclusion of same-sex couples in a plan to offer $200 relationship counselling vouchers to couples, but say if the Government is serious about keeping same-sex couples together it should allow them to marry.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome, said:
“We welcome the Government’s inclusion of same-sex couples in its voucher proposal, but if it is serious about encouraging commitment and resilience in same-sex relationships it should allow same-sex couples to marry.”
“The solid legal foundation, social recognition and removal of the stigma that all come with marriage equality would do far more to benefit same-sex couples than a $200 voucher.”
“We call on the Abbott Government to allow a conscience vote on marriage equality in line with the Coalition’s objective of strengthening relationships and families.”
Mr Croome went on to say that anti-discrimination exemptions for faith-based counselling services should be reviewed in light of the Government’s non-discriminatory voucher proposal.
“Many relationship counselling services are faith-based and have anti-discrimination exemptions which allow them to legally turn away same-sex couples.”
“If the Government can give out counselling vouchers without discriminating, it should change the law to ensure the delivery of faith-based counselling services is based on the same principle.”
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