Bob Katter
Bob Katter has misjudged his own State

Bob Katter’s anti same-sex marriage ad raises ire within the LGBTQI community

Equality advocates have responded to a new anti-gay marriage TV advertisement from Bob Katter’s Australia Party saying it misrepresents Queenslanders and is disrespectful to the many Gay Queenslanders who contribute to the State. (The ad can be viewed here)

Australian Marriage Equality National Convener Alex Greenwich said Bob Katter has misjudged his own State: “Anyone following this campaign knows that Queenslanders are interested in moving their state forward not backwards”

“Most Queenslanders have gone on a journey of acceptance of same-sex couples. This ad panders to the past”. Mr Greenwich said.

Carl Katter, the brother of Bob Katter and an Australian Marriage Equality board member, said:

“This ad ignores the high level of support for marriage equality in Queensland, and is totally disrespectful of the many gay Queenslanders who proudly contribute to their state every day of their lives”.

A recent inquiry into Civil Unions in Queensland received over 1000 submissions in favour of same-sex marriage and over 2000 in support of same-sex couples. The inquiry received only 537 submissions opposed (full report here).

Continuous polling show a majority of Queenslanders support marriage equality