Still from 'Ashley'
Still from ‘Ashley’

Ashley is a 17-year-old lesbian girl growing up in a very dysfunctional home.

Her father is dead, and her mother is a drunk. Ashley’s mother blames her for everything wrong in their lives.

Ashley is very introverted, cuts herself, and has no self-esteem. She is unloved, and therapy is the only care she gets.

Ashley meets Vicky in a park, they kiss and talk online, and Vicky calls it off. Her mother’s boyfriend kisses her, and she gets blamed for it.

The kids at school beat her up for being a lesbian. Candice hits Ashley in a chat room, and they talk on the phone. She is the only positive person in Ashley’s life.

Will they meet? Will Candice be able to bring happiness to Ashely’s life?

This movie will bring out a lot of emotions. Some parts of it can be hard to watch if you are sensitive. Most of the film is sad, and you will feel bad for Ashley.

The ending does have a good surprise.

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