Still from 'SUBMERGE'
Still from ‘SUBMERGE’

A homage to Generation Y and their apparent need to want it all, Submerge takes a look at the pressure that society, friends and family place upon us to succeed, and the high expectations we have of ourselves.

The film has an interesting take on the sexual fluidity of a generation not wanting to label themselves as they look to explore, experience and discover who they really are.

Jordan (Lily Hall) is living with her bisexual best friend Lucas (Kevin Dee) and slowly drowning under the pressures of university, her job as a research assistant and her family’s desire for her to become the elite swimmer she has trained all her life to be.
When she meets her history professor’s girlfriend Angie (Christina Hallet), sparks fly.
This relationship, which has the potential to help her emerge from her stress, only compounds it further as she immerses herself in a world of partying, fetish clubs, anonymous sex and drug-taking.
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