submergeThe soundtrack to Australian lesbian feature film Submerge is a sonic reflection of a love story that explores the chaotic, conflict-driven world of GenY

The film provides an unflinching exploration of ambition, the desire for instant gratification in a consumerist world, and the dizzying, at times perilous waters of love and sexuality.

The soundtrack is naturally as diverse and evocative in tone and emotion as the film, with each track handpicked by director Sophie O’Connor and music supervisor Andrew Penhallow.

The soundtrack boasts a spectrum of some of Australia’s best and brightest independent artists from past to present.

Firmly intertwined with its GenY focus, songs of partying and forgotten last nights litter the soundtrack, with tracks such as Lights Off (Tokyo Denmark Sweden) and Liar (illuminati inc) capturing the spirit of the night and bright lights with its hypnotic pulse and smooth vocals.

Alt rock heavyweights Falling Joys loan their talents to keeping the party vibe going, the raw and completely inescapable Universal Mind underscoring the chaos and the longing.

Pop gems from the likes of Kristine and Asian Envy take the edge off, while Make Amends (Pty Ltd) and the Latin inspired I’m Warning You (Garrido) bring the funk.

The soundtrack also captures the mellow moments with the smooth style of Best Thing (Jazzlord ft. Linda Janssen), while Ariela Jacobs’ False Alarms strips out the intoxicating haze of party lights and leaves you in a lonely moment of clarity and solitude, driven by haunting vocals, jingling acoustic guitar, and raw emotion.

The Submerge soundtrack captures the rush of sex, drugs and youth, dizzying emotion, and the unique sun-drenched character of Australian life, distilling it all into an aural landscape that is almost a character in itself.


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