You and your girl will be owning the night in these

If you’ve got a girl like mine, the mere joking suggestion of matching everyday outfits is enough to warrant an icy glare. Thankfully, Halloween is the one day of the year when it’s not “social suicide” to co-ordinate your getups, so here are a few suggestions to make the most of this wonderful annual occasion.

1. Betty and Wilma

The Flinstones

What Fred and Barney don’t know while they’re off being reckless won’t hurt them. These two are the ultimate prehistoric suburban love story

2. Grace & Frankie

Grace and Frankie

Need I say more? Pair Grace with a vodka watermelon and Frankie with a concoction of herbs and booze, and farewell October with a hallucinatory bonfire on the beach.

3. Kim & Shego

Kim Possible

The ultimate childhood would-be couple, Kim and Shego have romantic tension steaming from their ears. Getting into character is a must, with some sexually charged quarrels to liven up the night.

4. Alex & Piper

Orange is the New Black

These prison gal pals will ensure no one will mistake you for hetero. All that’s left to do is flip the coin to decide who gets to be Alex (bearing in mind the other gets to kiss Alex)

5. Laura & Carmilla


What’s Halloween without a vampire, and what’s better than one with a girlfriend?

6. Janice & Damien

Mean Girls

The ultimate queer duo, bi/pan Janice and too-gay-to-function Damien are an easy choice for lovers of the classic film. If there’s a third member of your costume crew, Kady’s Halloween ensemble makes for a great addition, alongside J & D’s huge bowl of popcorn.

7. Princess Bubblegum & Marceline

Adventure Time

If you’re not opposed to a modest bit of body paint, these two princesses are the way to go.

8. Jessie & James


Fluro hair? Constantly facing intrusions from straights? Jessie and James are most definitely queer.

9. Mario & Luigi

Super Mario

Genderbend these brothers!

10. Daisy & Peach

Super Mario

Kick those brothers to the curb and go as the Daisy and Peach. I’m sure Bowser would respect their space if he knew Peach would never be attracted to him.

11. Daria & Jane


What better opportunity to pull out your Doc Martins and deliver A grade sarcasm.

12. Xena and Gabby

Xena Warrior Princess

The quintessential lesbian couple of the 90’s. What more can I say?

13. Harley & Poison Ivy


This canon couple are an obvious choice for superhero fans! Plus, their outfits are super cute.

14. Queen of Hearts & The White Queen

Alice in Wonderland

Arch rivals on the chessboard, the Queen of Hearts and the White Queen make a regal pair.

15. CatDog


For a nostalgic throwback, go as this anatomically questionable pair. For bonus points, tie yourselves together.

16. Velma & Daphne

Scooby Do

Classic, stylish, and the ultimate femme/ futch combo.

17. Angel & Devil

If you’re in need of an easy, last minute costume, this pairing is a total classic (and may or may not reflect the dynamic of your relationship)

18. Hayley Kiyoko & Headphones Girl

Gravel to Tempo

There is undeniable chemistry between these two from the Gravel to Tempo music video, but might need to be saved for a queer-dominated party, or else you’ll be explaining it all night

19. Ellen & Portia

Lesbian royalty. Spend the night hiding from each other in cupboards and scaring other party goers.

20. Halsey & Her Ghost Girl


Bright bob wigs & lingerie- if that’s your thing then you can’t look past these two from Halsey’s Ghost music video.