Still from 'Submerge'
Still from ‘Submerge’

Directed by Sophie O’Connor, produced by Kat Holmes and written by both, Submerge (2013) is an Aussie drama that will submerge you into the murky underground world of untamed desire and taboo.

Uni student and aspiring professional swimmer, Jordan (Lily Hall), becomes entangled with her sexy and sophisticated history tutor, Angie (Christina Hallett).

Young Jordan lives a life filled with the pressures of success, academia, expectations heavily stacked on by her mother, and the constant need for freedom by breaking all the rules.

She lives with her libertine bisexual friend, Lucas (Kevin Dee), and together they stumble into a fast-paced world of partying, drugs and casual sex.

From a harmless flirtation with Jordan’s tutor, a fire erupts between the two women, quickly consuming the safe and steady life of Angie, throwing Jordan into a destructive spiral of substance abuse and lecherous escapades.

All the excesses that characterise Jordan’s fall into decadence, mask a deep sensitivity to her surroundings and the constant failure to be totally embraced and accepted by those closest to her. Is this a didactic film, warning of the dangers of Generation Y, like Icarus who flew too close to the sun, his waxen wings melted and plunged into the deep waters of doom?
Perhaps, or perhaps it is an expression of the price we pay to find our true selves — to give up what makes us feel safe, and the ways in which we define ourselves.

The soundtrack will have you on an emotional ride, and the cinematography will caress your senses with the most delectable and lascivious experiences of the characters.

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