Every book in the series explains why each child is so loved and is so special.

 It makes the child reading it, understand that there family maybe unique but that doesn’t change how much they are loved
  1. Loved By Two – For Children With Two Moms
  2. Twins Loved By Two – For Twins With Two Moms
  3. Two Dads For You – For Children With Two Dads
  4. Just One Is Enough – For Children With One Parent
  5. Because They Chose You – For Children Who Were Adopted
The drawings are cute and the books are affordable. There is a book for lesbian moms, adoption, single parents, and gay fathers.
Michelle Forte is the author and illustrator of the series of books. She wants to bring out awareness of the diversity of families around the world. Michelle believes that a happy family life is her number one priority in life. She has a wonderful family of her own.