Still from My Little Friend
Still from My Little Friend

My Little Friend is about two friends who went to school together and went their separate ways for ten years.

Now, after ten years, Emily comes back to town with her boyfriend and runs into her friend Amy.

Amy is a somewhat in-the-closet lesbian. Amy is an artist, and Emily is an actor. Emily gets a job with Amy’s father, who is a historian. Charlie is Emily’s boyfriend looking for a job and wants to have kids with her. Amy and Emily get closer, and the lines get blurred after drinking one night.
I can only give this movie one star. My Little Friend is a movie you will either like or dislike. I disliked the movie. I felt it was prolonged, had a poor script, and was poorly made. The film cuts into each scene in mid-conversation. It seems like the actors did not have a hand and made it up as they went along. The father and boyfriend just ramble or complain. I believe middle school kids could have done a better job.

My Little Friend-TEASER from Robel Films on Vimeo.