Still from 'Louise + Her Lover'
Still from ‘Louise + Her Lover’

Louise + Her Lover Starring Julie Howe, Morgan Powell, Deirdre Helihy

The movie starts out with Lilly being interviewed in a room by a man.

He is asking questions about the relationship between her and Johanna.

In between scenes of being interviewed, you will see scenes of Lilly and Johanna together.

Lilly is a model and Johanna is a painter. Lilly answers an ad and Johanna paints her. A relationship happens or does it?

Does Lilly live in the building or somewhere else? Now enters Louise, another model who has a relationship with Johanna.

Lilly is upset over Louise and Johanna getting together. Is there a triangle? Is Lilly crazy? Why is Lilly being interviewed?

This movie has a slow start, but it does get more interesting.

The movie has twists in it and makes you wonder what is going on. You know something is wrong with Lilly, but you are not quite sure.