Etheridge Dating Ex's BFF?A messy divorce has turned way ickier.

The National Enquirer has reported that Etheridge is dating Linda Wallem, a producer on the hit show Nurse Jackie. Wallem was reportedly among those in the wedding party when Etheridge and Tammy Lynn tied the knot back in 2003, with some reports claiming that Wallem was Tammy Lynn’s “best lady” in the wedding party and BFF in real life.

The tabloid says their source told them, “Linda has constantly been talking on the set about how she and Melissa are in love and how they’re in a committed relationship.”

It’s another accusation plaguing the breakup of Etheridge and Michaels. Rumour has it that the two are embroiled in a mess of financial disagreements, with Tammy Lynn alleging that Etheridge left her and their children in poverty and unable to afford food. Etheridge shot back, accusing Tammy Lynn of using the children as leverage in the divorce settlement.

Back in November of last year, US Weekly asked Etheridge if she was dating anyone new and if she had moved on. Etheridge generally responded, “Suffice it, I am a pleased woman. Yes.”

Stay tuned.