Maria Bello

Plus, Chelsea Machado wants you to help her bring back The L Word

Maria Bello wrote a column for the New York Times recently, detailing her romantic relationship with a long-time female friend, Clare. She pares down her sexuality to one simple word: “whatever.” [cnn]

Do you miss The L Word? So does Chelsie Machado, and she wants you to sign her petition to get Netflix to resurrect our classic favourite. Check out this video she made and maybe sign the petition while you’re at it! [change]

There’s a wonderfully enticing little teaser trailer for Aliyah O’Brien’s next film, Citizen Jane. So that’s why they call it

a teaser! [afterellen]

In the newest Killers video, Glee’s Dianna Agron is “Just Another Girl” (which is also the title of the song). Or maybe she’s not, but she definitely looks killer either way, even (or especially) when she rocks a moustache. And the song is pretty good too. [usamagazine]

Lea Delaria is on the cover of Go Magazine in her orange prison suit and looking fierce. [afterellen]

lea delaria on cover of Go Magazine
Lea Delaria on the cover of Go Magazine

Hi Fashion has released a new video for their track  “Freak yr Halls (At the Office Part-ay”.  Check it out here! [youtube]

The Lesbian Herstory Archives is celebrating its 40th anniversary with an Art Benefit this weekend on Friday, Dec. 6th. Check it out if you’re in the area. [lesbianherstoryarchives]

New same-sex marriage law takes effect in Hawaii. Yay! [lgbtqnation]

Antigone Rising will be playing LIVE at Rockwood Music Hall in New York on Thursday, Dec. 12. If you can’t make it out to NYC, or even if you can, they have a new holiday song for you to enjoy as well. Happy Holidays! [youtube]

Tuesday, December 3rd was #SexTalkTuesday on Twitter, hosted by Nina Hartley as Special Guest Moderator. Even if you didn’t participate, check out the #SexTalkTuesday hashtag. [Twitter]

Nina Hartley
Nina Hartley

New Ducky song released, not that that’s anything new — lately, she’s been (literally) doing the whole high production song and dance every week.  [youtube]