Beth Ditto married her partner Kristin Ogata
Beth Ditto (l) married her partner Kristin Ogata

Plus, Supernatural brings back a lesbian character, and was Glee almost canceled?

Our favorite riot grrrl Beth Ditto married her partner Kristin Ogata in Hawaii last June. While we weren’t on the guest list (bummer) we have gotten the next best thing: The couple has released a photo from the ceremony on Facebook. Ditto looks gorgeous in a tea-length dress from Gaultier. [SheWired]


Jessica ‘Bate Estaca’ Andrade and Liz ‘Girl-Rilla’ Carmouche
Jessica ‘Bate Estaca’ Andrade and Liz ‘Girl-Rilla’ Carmouche


Women on top of women…um, yes, please. Two out and proud lesbians—Jessica ‘Bate Estaca’ Andrade and Liz ‘Girl-Rilla’ Carmouche—will be making history when they step into the octagon on July 27. It’s about to get real rough and hot in Seattle. [SheWired]


Still from Glee
Still from Glee

Gleek alert! Shortly after Cory Monteith’s sudden death, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy seriously considered canceling the hit series. Luckily, the cast and crew still wanted to stay together, continue their work, and come to a place where they can all remember and talk about Monteith. A strong-willed Lea Michele insisted that the show must go on. Fox has pushed back the season 5 premiere to Thursday, Sept. 26. The third episode of the season will possibly deal with Monteith’s death and conclude his character, Finn Hudson. [Huffintgon Post]


Confrontation at Russia Pride
Photo by Anton Tushin / Getty Images


Just when you thought gay rights is being accepted in more countries with the passing of gay marriage, anti-gay protestors in Russia violently ruined a peaceful march for the Gay Pride Parade. These graphic photos are heart-shattering, but we are proud of Russia’s gay rights activists holding their ground and still being out and proud. And are a stark reminder that the fight for equality and acceptance is far from over. [BuzzFeed]

In lame tech news, Tumblr adds #gay, #lesbian, and #bisexual to the list of censored terms in trying to crackdown porn. These, now unsearchable, tags show up as ‘adult’ content even for those who are searching for non-porn purposes. Tumblr CEO David Karp explains in a post that he wasn’t trying to single out specific communities. But why not ban the word ‘masturbate’ if you’re really trying to crack down on porn? [AutoStraddle]

On a lighter note, Rachel Maddow is coming to The Simpsons! There are no specific details of her character or episode, but we sure hope she puts a politically geeky queer spin to the episode, or maybe be Bart’s lesbian teacher, or a kick-ass lesbian council member. The possibilities are endless. [SheWired]

NERDGASM! Supernatural is going gay—again. The oh-so-foxy Felicia Day will return to the hit series in her role as Charlie the lesbian hacker/LARPer/all-around geek goddess (if you haven’t guessed we have a little bit of a crush on Ms. Day) [AfterEllen]


Felicia Day
Felicia Day in Supernatural

Grab a tissue because this love story is like no other. A young transgender couple in Oklahoma, Arin Andrews,17, and Katie Hill, 19, transitioned together after struggling with their identities throughout childhood. Andrew surgically removed his breasts last month, while Hill wanted to become ‘Katie.’ We’re glad to hear that since the transition, both teens are more comfortable in their own bodies and feel more complete as a person. [Huffington Post]


Arin Andrews,17, and Katie Hill, 19
Arin Andrews,17, and Katie Hill, 19