A Reflection PieceThe girls take time to look back on their stay in fair Berlin.

A revelation… that’s what Berlin has been. We truly love this city that has charmed its way successfully into these two hearts.

I was a little apprehensive prior to arriving… Sweet Santorini followed by a hectic European city – yet the worries were wasted. Berlin is without doubt the most chilled city I have ever hung out in – everyday has the relaxed unhurried mood of a lazy Sunday afternoon. Soundtrack included.

There are people aplenty here but they are not in your face or space and that’s just the thing – there’s so much space. A third of the city is made up of stunningly beautiful parks and winding waterways, the streets and avenues are spacious and tree-lined and the sky is open and bright above them. Berlin spreads over a 900 km2 and most buildings reach no more than 6-8 floors. Space glorious space.

Everyone cycles, no-one rushes, suits are banned (they must be…they are nowhere to be found in this city scape), children of all ages are out and about being seen, heard and adding their imaginative vibrancy to the flow. The parks are used, the street art abounds, the buskers are keen and inventive.

Creativity seems to be in the genes here, the city oozes the energy of the artist and it seeps easily into all aspects of life.

Berlin is alive… she is peaceful, she is welcoming, she is art farty kool, she is open, she is walls and windows and she is a throbbing undercurrent of possibility.

Yup we love her, and we’ll be back.