Travel Blog: So, Why Did We Travel?

SO WHY DID WE TRAVEL? by Nemara As we come to the end of our year out and about - we are both questioning what we have achieved or changed as a result of our travels.

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Hubud:Workplace Utopia in Bali

Travel Blog: Workplace Utopia in Bali

Workplace Utopia in Bali

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The Roar Of Bali

Travel Blog: The Roar Of Bali

Sipping on a green smoothie and still glistening with that post-yoga glimmer, Elena Cholovsky appears to be radiating from within.

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Led to The Garden of Eden by a Desktop Wallpaper

Travel Blog: Led To The Garden Of Eden

About a year ago, I was Google Searching for "Waterfalls""-

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Travel Blog: Why Are Croatians So Rude?

It seems that one must approach one of the most beautiful countries in the world with a certain level of humour.

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A Reflection Piece

Travel Blog: A Reflection Piece

The girls take time to look back on their stay in fair Berlin.

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Top 5 Berlin

Travel Blog: Top 5 Spots In Berlin

After nearly a month in Berlin, we give you our Top 5 things of awesomeness.

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Our 80 year old friend Helen

Travel Blog: Our 80 Year Old Friend Helen

We met Helen at her son's restaurant on our first night in Ag Galini and we were pals as soon as she realised we were from Australia.

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An Irish Christmas Surprise

Travel Blog: An Irish Christmas Surprise

Freezing and grey with must be Ireland.

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Camping: 5-million star accommodation

Travel Blog: Camping

Tales of tent posts

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