Travel-LOTLAs we come to the end of our year out and about – we are both questioning what we have achieved or changed as a result of our travels.

It’s almost as if we were both privately having some inner conflict as to whether we have used this year wisely, have done enough with it, achieved anything or have even acquired some good stories to tell?!

So I reflect – why did we travel?

For me, I have had a desire for several years to spend some time out and about discovering Europe (I am technically European after all) and secondly as a vehicle to assist my moving on from the business that has been my primary focus for many many years. To properly let go and allow the new owners some privacy constituted my not being anywhere in the vicinity!

I also had the desire after 17 years living in Australia to spend some time nearer my family all of whom are still reeling in the aftermath of losing my only brother Eoin so suddenly in 2011. Perhaps my proximity could be a welcome distraction or indeed an annoying distraction from this loss.

I have a tendency to drive them all a bit mad! Actually it was the death of Eoin that really underpinned the impetus for the year’s walkabout – the push to finally do something that had remained in the dream realm for many years. The reminder that life is short, and that dreams can only be fulfilled when we have life and life is now. Tomorrow or later has no certainty.

Actually, it is interesting circle to note that the passing of my brother certainly pushed us on the road to travel, and the passing of Dara’s grandmother was what brought us home.

  1. So have I changed or grown through tramping across Hawaii, Europe and Bali? YES I believe I have.
  2. I return to Australia a vegetarian on the path to raw-ism – something that I have wanted to do for many years but never had the time to properly understand the choice for doing so.
  3. Also, inspired by the totally non-drinking Dara, I’ve committed to a year of tea totalling – to give my brain and body the ultimate chance of performing at its full potential.
  4. I’m also a consistent meditator, a daily yoga enthusiast, an even more devoted loving partner to Dara (I’ve taken my Food Captaincy role very seriously) and most importantly,
  5. I’m a kinder and nicer person to myself.

Gosh! Travelling has done me wonders! I am now sure of my desire to grow food, to grow community and to create a stimulating and creative home for Dara and I and our future brood. Watch this space! This blog will evolve! xx Nemara