We sit down and have a quick chat to Mourne from the Kransky Sisters.

LOTL was lucky enough to bask in the refelctive glory of Mourne from The Kransky Sisters. She talked to us about groupies, sibling rivalry and fashion.

For those readers who haven’t had the fortune of seeing the Kransky Sisters can you tell us what you ladies are all about?

Mourne: We are three sisters and we live in the small town of Esk in Queensland. Our polish father left us when we were quite young after our sister Dawn was born. Our sister Dawn did not look like Eve and I, but rather more resembled our father’s brother. Our mother left not long after that with our Uncle Roly. I had to work at the local egg farm to look after Eve and Dawn. Some years later, we were playing our instruments along to the wireless in our lounge-room and we were heard by a man walking his dog that had stopped to defecate on our front lawn. He got us a job at the local RSL club and then he put us on our first tour singing our songs around the country. He still pays us 50 dollars a gig.

You are venturing out of your home town Esk again and taking a trip around Australia what can we expect from the spinster trio from Queensland in Piece of Cake? 

Mourne:  Well, we’ll be sharing our stories from our travels performing overseas. So far we’ve been to such places as London Holland, Portugal, Belgium, Singapore and Macau, and have had some very interesting times. We will also be singing songs we have learned on the wireless by such artists as George Michael, Salt and Pepper, Misex, MC Hammer, Beyonce, ACDC and even one from the Queen.

When you are not spreading joy through your renditions of songs you have heard on the wireless what do you like to get up to? 

Mourne:  Well, Dawn has her secret business over in our neighbour’s laundry. She lives in Mrs. Evermore’s house over the back fence. She once lived in the laundry under our house, but juice dripping from the meat safe leaked through the floorboards and rotted her bed.  Dawn likes living at Mrs. Evermore’s place. She can play along to the hum of the clothes dryer

Have you got Kransky groupies?

Mourne:  Over the years, there have been a lot of people who have come to our shows dressed in identical clothing to us.  They’ve even been to the same hairdresser too, because their hair is also looks the same as ours does.  We always like to have our pictures taken with them after the show. You can see some of these pictures on the internet face brick page our neighbour Mrs. Boyle made for us.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? 

Mourne:  The wireless.  Lady Gargoyle, Britney Shears, Robbie Williams, Mary Poppins, Michael Jackson, The Bee Gees, ACDC,Pink Floyd, Pink without the Floyd, Grace Jones…there is much inspiration on the wireless.

How do you ladies unwind after a big show?

Mourne:  After our show, we always spend time meeting the lovely people who’ve come to see us. Sometimes they bring us pickles, tarts and cakes and give us recipes. Then we go home and make the porridge before we go to bed, ready for the next day’s breakfast. We also like to sew doilies in the evenings. On our days off, Eve likes to watch ants. I like wasps.

Will it be spinsters to the end or is anyone in the group courting at the moment?

Mourne:  Well no one is courting anyone at the moment.  Raymond Brice sent a letter to Eve. I burnt it.

Does sibling rivalry with the Kransky sisters ever rear its ugly head? 

Mourne: Sometimes there’s a bit of tension in the car. Eve and I like to play games like Eye Spy while on the road, and Dawn is such a wet blanket. Never joins in. In fact, she hasn't spoken since our mother left. She insists on pointing all the time and interrupting us.

And lastly, I am a huge fan of the polkadot print myself I have to say, I wouldlike to know who is the most fashion forward in the group?

Mourne:  Well, although I don’t like to admit it, I would have to be honest and say that perhaps Dawn is the most fashion forward of us three.  Dawn owns a pair of leather culottes, and I’ve seen her go to the park in Gauchos.  Our wardrobe, Eve’s and mine, is mostly made up of different coloured pleated skirts and we have some lovely coloured blouses to match.