Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Plus: Janis Joplin gets a star on the Walk of Fame Plus, Lady Gaga has a creepy new grill.

Rapper and out starlet Angel Haze had a really standout interview with Fusion TV where she discussed her virginity, her pansexuality and why she doesn’t like labels. Yeah, she covered a lot in just over a minute of cable time. [afterellen]

In Hawaii, Police Union President Tenari Maafala said in a televised press conference that he will not uphold marriage equality laws that go against his religious beliefs. On the bright side, the Marriage Equality Act is expected to pass and bring marriage rights to same-sex couples in Hawaii by Nov. 18, so just add this guy to the list of people to do your happy dance in front of when all is said and done. [advocate]

Janis Joplin has finally been awarded a posthumous star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The bisexual singer’s life was celebrated for the occasion over 40 years after her death, but it’s still a good day for her fans, friends and family. [ktvu]

Calling all gamers! The sexy Megan Fox made an appearance on the trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game was set to release today, and the trailer “Epic Night Out” was a great way to stir up some hype. If you weren’t into video games before, watch the trailer. We’re sure you’ll change your mind. [eonline]

On the red carpet of last night’s YouTube Music Awards, Lady Gaga turned some heads with her statement-making faux teeth grill. Normally Gaga can’t scare us, but that is one creepy ass grill. It’s also featured on the cover of her latest (of many) single, ‘Dope.’ [stylebistro]

Portia de Rossi sat down for an interview to discuss coming out as a lesbian. Rossi is known for many things, but being gay was not something that she initially wanted to identify as (like many of us). The actor talks about her struggle with hiding her sexuality, the eating disorder it led to, and how she came back from it all. Now, Portia and Ellen are TV icons, putting hope out there for so many people struggling with the same hardships. [shewired]

There’s a petition going around on Change.org calling on Victoria’s Secret to consider adding Carmen Carrera to their holy host as the lingerie giant’s first transgender angel. Carrera has appeared on both “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and W Magazine’s “Showgirls”. We think it’s time someone gave her wings, don’t you? [huffingtonpost]

Kathy Griffin recently appeared on HuffPost Live and talked about her relationship with the LGBT community. “I just want to do whatever I can and I feel a true sense of community. And as a woman and a feminist, I very much admire the way the LGBT community sticks together,” Griffin said. Right back at you, love. Watch the video here. [huffingtonpost]

Queer icon JD Samson has a new video out with musical group MEN. “Making Art” is their new single off the album Labor, which came out last month. The music video is definitely an artistic venture with an out of the box approach that will keep your eyes glued to the screen. [afterellen]

JD also made a guest appearance on the video for The Aikiu’s “Win.” The smooth yet almost haunting video has JD decked out in a Nascar jacket looking stone-faced serious. We love what we’re seeing. [afterellen]