Exploring romance in the sapphic world and if it is indeed alive and kicking.

Imagine. Imagine the butterflies, texting your friends your outfit options, bouncing around your house getting ready for hours. The smile that spreads across your face when you see her standing there, looking dapper in her best suit (because who doesn’t love a woman in a suit?), flowers in hand, nervously checking her watch…

She takes your arm in hers, pulls your seat out for you when you sit down and you ramble through each course, watching the nerves on her face, feeling that flip in your stomach when she touches your hand… She helps you into your coat, you feel a shiver that runs up your spine as she places her hand on the small of your back and she leans closer to ask if she can drive you home. Imagine feeling like a princess as she opens the car door for you, the nerves and adrenaline coursing through your body as you contemplate what comes next…

She takes your hand and walks you to your door, sweeps your hair from your shoulder, your skin tingling as she places her hand on your cheek, caressing it gently as she leans in and places the perfect, delicate, nervous kiss on your lips.

The perfect date… the candles, the flowers, the butterflies, the romance, THE ROMANCE!

Is there such a thing anymore? More to the point, do any of us date anymore? I have no shame in admitting that I may be a little bit of a princess and I would love for a woman to come along and sweep me off my feet. Deep down, every girl just wants to be wooed.

But when was the last time you went on an honest to god date? When was the last time you were romanced?

So from previous experience and observation, there are two avenues that I can see, via which you can meet a potential partner, but after that, it all ends the same way:

Notice there’s no second date? I mean seriously? How am I supposed to woo a girl, or be wooed, if there is no second date? All of a sudden your shacked up, one of you freaks out, runs a mile and then you are stuck at the next Sundaylicious trying to avoid an awkward encounter.

So what is it about us as a subculture that we conform to this ‘u-haul’ stereotype? Is it that we so rarely meet somebody that’s our ‘type’ that when we do, we cling on for dear life for fear of losing that person, becoming a crazy cat lesbo and dying alone? Is it being in a relationship with another woman, and experiencing that abundance of oestrogen and emotion that we just fall head over heels with the ‘love drunk’ feeling? Do you have an alternative explanation? I’d love to hear it.

Chivalry and Romance are not dead women! You need to embrace them to make them happen! So next time you meet someone, wine and dine her, bring her flowers and make her feel like a lady. Don’t move in after four weeks of dating, and for the love of God don’t adopt a puppy! It’s not the dog’s fault your a stereotypical lesbian and it doesn’t need to be fought over during the divorce.

So embrace your romantic side, treat her like a princess and watch her fall at your feet.