smelling good

Smelling Good For Your Lady

Bringing you the best of taste, sound, sight and of course touch!

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Friends with your ex

Remaining Friends With Your Ex

I will never understand what it is about Lesbians and the need to remain friends with their ex's.

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This Is Not Your Bathroom!

"Mum, is that a boy or a girl?" "Baby, that's a lesbian.""Excuse me Sir? Um"- Ma'am?""The boys bathroom is next door! Get out!"

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Rally Melbourne

Melbourne Activist Ali Hogg On Equal Love

Equality. It doesn't seem like too much to ask does it? With an election looming and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd promising to allow a conscience vote on Equal Marriage within the 100 days of his re-election as Prime Minister is it an wonder that we want to get out there, put some pressure on the Pollies and get our voices heard?

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Equal Love Rally, What it Means to Me?

A heartfelt and true account of Melbourne's Equal Love Rally when attended by Eldiese

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lesbian fashion and make up

Make Up Tips And Tricks For Our Femmes

Make up tips and tricks from regular blogger Eldiese

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Is Romance Dead?

Eldiese explores romance in the sapphic world and if it is indeed alive and kicking.

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Sex Degrees Of Separation

We've been working up to this all night, we both know it... the flirting, the not-so-casual touching, this is not my usual Sundaylicious flirting, I mean business.

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