lesbian shorts
Still from In the Hollow by Austin Bunn

Lesbian Shorts have plenty to please every film-lover.

We are showcasing a great collection of girls shorts. From sweet coming-of-age films to thrilling docu-dramas, Lesbian Shorts have plenty to please every film-lover.

Carina by Sandra Concepción Reynoso Estrada

Mexico; Spanish with English subtitles
12 minutes

Carina is eight-years-old and likes rock & roll music. When she starts to believe her new teacher is the same woman she saw in a her father’s erotic magazine, her life changes completely.


The First Session by Ryan Logan

USA; English with no subtitles
7 minutes

How soon is too soon for couples therapy? A first date veers into unchartered territory with the help of an unconventional therapist and a mango.

THE FIRST SESSION – TRAILER from Ryan Logan on Vimeo.


Mingmong by Richard Turley

UK; English with no subtitles
12 minutes

Judy and Annalise are best friends. On a night out celebrity autograph hunting they realise that falling in love can sometimes tear friendships apart.







09:55 – 11:05, Ingrid, Ekman, Bergsgatan 4B by Cristine Berglund and Sophie Vukovic

Sweden; Swedish with English subtitles
15 minutes

A beautiful retired dancer finds solace and an awakened desire in a fiery young poet who has been temporarily assigned as her caretaker.







In the Hollow by Austin Bunn

USA; English with no subtitles
17 minutes

In May 1988, girlfriends Claudia Brenner and Rebecca Wight were attacked while hiking the Appalachian Trail. This docu-narrative recounts the shooting, Wight’s death, and Brenner’s desperate survival, as she returns to the trail for the first time since the attack.


11 Life Lessons from an Awesome Old Dyke by Allison Khoury

USA; English with no subtitles
8 minutes

Dorothy, a tough-as-nails butch who kicked ass and took names (including the names of a few lovers) gives an abridged history lesson and offers up a perspective only possible with a PhD from the School of Life.


Garçonne by Nicolas Sarkissian

France; French with no subtitles
29 minutes

The 20’s somewhere in France. Summertime. Lisa, sixteen, avoid the bourgeois family boredom. At the bottom of a remote lake, she reveals herself.