Brand New Lesbian Short FilmWhen Harri Met Salma is a really cute lesbian short film that showcases the love between people who live on the intersections of more than one minority group in Australia

What do you do when your family is trying to find you the perfect husband, but you just want to be with the woman you love? You have a bit of a situation to deal with!

When Harri Met Salma” (starring Mia Morrissey, Teresa Moore, James Thomasson; written by Sanja Katich, directed by Corey Booth, produced by Mélanie Julien-Martial) is the story of two young women falling in love.

Salma is trying to do the right thing by her family – they want her to get married to a nice Persian guy and settle down. Completely not interested, she’s doing her best to keep them at arm’s length, while managing her growing love for Harri.

Harri, on the other hand, is out and proud and not used to hiding or keeping secrets. She wants to share her love for Salma with the world.

Salma is stuck between being the perfect daughter and sister to her family, while also being open in her love for Harri. The question is – what will she do?