When In Doubt, Pet The Dog

When in doubt, pet the dog.. 2016 has been a hard year for animal-loving queers.

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The Doggie Box – Our Review Of This Gay Owned Business

Here's our review of this gay-owned business.

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Operation Protect Your Pets

Operation protect your pets; who steps in to help pets when their owners are involved in a tragedy?

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Queer Pets/Queer Guardians

Do you come out with your pet?

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Queer Rights/Animal Rights Regarding The Pit Bull Ban

Weighing in on the Montreal pit bull ban.

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The author with her dog

Can You Really Find Your Soulmate In A ‘Heart Dog’?

Finding your soul mate in a dog might be problematic.

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DemoCATS For Hillary

DemoCats For Hillary - Where do your pets stand, politically?

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window display for dog lovers

Ask Sassafras: The Shy Dog And The Homophobic Neighbour

This is how to ensure your pet's needs are met while keeping the peace at home.

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Pets And The Art Of Picking Up Girls

The art of picking up girls - Do you use your dog to pick up girls?

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dating with pets

How To Date When You Have Pets

If you're looking to meet cute girls and are awkward at talking to new people you might like to date, pets can be great for breaking the ice

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