Don’t You Want Me? International LGBTQ Rescue Dog Photography Project

International LGBTQ Rescue Dog Photography Project

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Women's History Month

Do You Have A Gender Preference When It Comes To Dogs

Let's hear it for the bitches!

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My Doggy Valentine

My Dog Teaches Me Things By Daphne Gottlieb

Author Daphne Gottlieb  about her incredible relationship with her late dog Doomsday Honneymoon (2007-2018) a 3 pound chihuahua.

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Animals Make Straight People Like Me

Do your pets lead you into surprising conversations? How animals make straight people like me.

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Pride 2018 – Beware The Dog Flu!

Some tips to take care of your critters this Pride month.

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How Our Pets Help Us Cope

LGBTQ readers share their experiences with how their pets help them cope

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Painting of 4 dogs in colour

Ask Sassafras: An Aging Pet

Reader question: how do you prepare for the loss of an aging pet?

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Dancing With Dogs

Love to dance but tired of leaving your dog home to go dance at the club? What if you didn't have to!

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large brown dog with blue sunglasses

Ask Sassafras: Should My Girlfriend And I Get A Dog?

Ask Sassafras, for all your pet related questions!

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Ott and Frankie Joiris

Dog Bred By Lesbians Wins Westminster Agility

Dog bred by lesbian wins Westminister agility and other thoughts on the big gay sport of dog shows!

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