dog with bandenna 'I Woof For Equality!'

9 Holiday Gifts For A Lesbian Pet Lover

Perfect gifts for your cat groomer, girlfriend, or that cute gay barista who always shows your pictures of his poodle.

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Being Queer Helps Me Be A Better Advocate For My Dogs

Being Queer Helps Me Be A Better Advocate For My DogsrnStraight people are rude.

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Happy HoliGays!

Happy HoliGays - There's no place like home with your queer family.

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My Pets Help Me Talk To Straight People

Animals are great for awkward situations, my pets have helped me talk to straight people.

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After Lesbians Break Up, Who Gets The Fur Kid?

How should lesbians going through a divorce decide who gets the fur kids?

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Socialization Checklist For The Queer Puppy

Welcoming a new puppy to the queer household, a socialization checklist.

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Pride 2017 With Dogs

Pride and puppies mix well, with a few precautions!

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Of Pups And Politics

Of Pups And Politics - Do you use your dogs as political PUPets? How can our dogs be part of the resistance?

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I’m On PUPternity Leave!

Welcoming a new puppy to our queer family!

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Don’t Wait To FETCH This New Queer Dog Book!

Don't wait to FETCH this new queer dog book - An interview with comic book artist Nicole J Georges.

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