Woman of Colour typing on laptopFrom fashion and relationship advice to cute couples and pop culture… the interweb has it all

What came first, the chicken or the egg, the blog or the vlog?

Anyway, out there nesting in the mass vortex of the inter-web lies a stack of blogs for sexualities of every shade, layered with tons of photos, advice, funny stories and videos. I can’t pretend to know every single one ever made, but I can show you what I do know and most of them are from Tumblr because Tumblr is the queer woman’s playground.


Effingdykes is your gateway to a personal blog following the day-to-day trials and tribulations of Krista Burton, in a comedic style (with pictures). Krista blogs about her life and gives advice. You wanna know how to be good in bed? Well, allow Krista to tell you. Despite being gone on some form of hiatus since late last year, her words of wisdom are still as popular as ever and you can scroll back through her hilarious posts for infinity if you like (until you reach the first one she ever posted).




I discovered this blog (surprisingly not through my insistent Tumblr use) when I got a text saying “Hey, is this you?!” following the link I was shocked to find my face, I didn’t post it and I still haven’t found out who did, but I’m glad they did, I think. This blog is dedicated to lesbians and bi women looking for other lesbians and bi women, it’s almost like an easy follower/dating/friendship blog, especially if you’re new to Tumblr and needing people to follow/talk to.




Are you tired of relentless Google searches and misrepresented films about homosexuality? Well fear not, close Google, open up this tab and take your pick…



Adorable Couples 

As a single lesbian, this blog has given me issues: the need to absolutely adore and applaud these couples, with psychotic jealousy on the side. “You are SO cute, but I hate you,” I cry into a vodka bottle while cuddling next door’s cat who I’ve bribed into my house with a steady stream of ham.



The Lesbian Guide 

The title speaks for itself – this is probably one of the best lesbian blogs out there. Your guide to all things girl-on-girl. Advice, photos, videos, humour, sarcasm, Ellen gifs, queer women aplenty. Seriously, anything you need to know will probably be on that Tumblr blog.



Femme fashion

Fancy a girl with lipstick and an eye for dresses and all things girly? Or do you just want fashion tips while staring at pretty girls? Fitforafemme is for you. Not just for clothes but a hub for food, drink, perfume, travel and much more.



Sartorial Butch

The opposite of Fitforafemme, say hello to butch styles from ties to shoes. Cooking tips? She got it. Hairstyling? She’s got your back.




Let’s all appreciate the utter beauty of the photos on this blog. Run by Kathryn Greenbaum, a photographer from Brooklyn, NY and she’s good at it.




Tumblr makes me forget that not everyone is gay/bi. Tumblr makes me forget about my LIFE. It isn’t healthy, but regardless take a look at Lezbhonest because, lez-literally-b-honest, this is where all the pop-culture knowledge of lesbian/bi lifestyle goes to and it’s so worth it. If that’s not sold it to you,  there’s always funny gifs from OITNB lurking around.



Card Carrying Lesbian 

And to finish off this ensemble of blogs mainly filled with pictures and sometimes captions: Sasha has been running CCL for around 5 years now and this blog has been deemed a “hub of all things lesbianic”. Clicking your way around the many posts you can see her transformation as she’s grown and learnt from past mistakes as we all do, but what separates her from us is she documents them for our entertainment.