Rachel Maddow guest stars on the Simpsons. Plus, Julia Weldon has a brand new video.

Attention, tweeters! Sia responded to writer and DJ Keo’s recent tweets about the openly queer artist’s questionable decision to collab with Eminem on his latest album, which includes a homophobic slur-filled new single, ‘Rap God’. Nozari’s insistence that not all fans understand the nuances of Eminem’s Slim Shady was met with a pause for reflection, with Sia responding:  “I guess my only hope at this point is that ‘Beautiful Pain’ will do more good than ‘Rap God’ does harm.” Ditto, Sia. [huffington]

Out songstress Julia Weldon has a new song, “You Never Know,” and a video to match. It’s a sweet and delicate mostly acoustic track with melodic instrumental breaks and her charming vocals. The album, Light Is a Ghost, just hit an iTunes store near you. [bitchmagazine] has released a beautiful short film that imagines what would happen if a lesbian figure skater won a gold medal in Russia’s Olympics and wasn’t able to celebrate with the love of her life because of anti-gay policy. It’s a must-share, so watch it and pass it along. [fallout]

The final trailer for Lover’s Game is here. The feature film is the work of Producer/Director Danielle Earle from LA Web Award-Winning Series Brooklyn Is In Love. It tells a tangled love story and comes out early next year. [allthingslesbeau]

It’s time for a reality check on where we really are in terms of same-sex marriage acceptance. Check out this video of some kids watching two different gay marriage proposals. Their reactions and discussion afterwards really gives us an idea of how society is progressing beyond what we see, hear, and read about on a daily basis. [huffingtonpost]

Kerry Washington knocked SNL out of the park! Washington is absolutely hilarious in this clip as a Ugandan Miss Universe pageant contestant. On top of that, though, a fairly butch Miss Bolivia got real close and personal with the pageant host. We give this video two thumbs up! [shewired]


More on SNLLady Gaga will be pulling two duties on Nov. 16. The performer will not only be acting as a musical guest but will also be hosting for the first time! We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. [tvline]

Rachel Maddow appeared in a cameo role on the Simpsons this past Sunday, and she could barely contain her excitement in the week leading up to the episode’s airdate. Her feels on the whole thing? “I will never achieve anything this cool ever again in my life.” Besides, you know, is Rachel Maddow. Check it out—right after this commercial break. [buzzfeed]