Lady Gaga in Edge of Glory
Lady Gaga in Edge of Glory

Plus, Sharon Osborne’s girl crush and New York are on the verge of legalizing same-sex marriage!

Last night Lady Gaga premiered her latest video “The Edge of Glory” from Born This Way. A surprisingly scaled-down effort from the typically highly theatrical Gaga, it’s just: The singer, E Street Band sax player Clarence Clemons, a fire escape and a whole lot of leather.

So, what do you think of Gaga’s latest? Super snoozy? Or super-sexy? (sorry we couldn’t resist). Let us know in the comments.

Big thumbs up to Uma Thurman for putting her star power behind the fight for marriage equality. Uma’s video joins the video testimonials from other New Yorkers, including Larry King, Ben & Jerry, Vanessa Williams, Anna Wintour, Barbara Bush, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Whoopi Goldberg and more. Even Barbara Bush is on this train? Get with it, America.

It’s the perfect time for Uma’s video as gay marriage in New York is now up to a Republican Senate. Republican New York State Senator Roy McDonald is one of the few Republicans supporting the legal right to gay marriage in New York. His support for the gay marriage bill leaves us only one vote shy of having enough support to write the bill into law. He said, “You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn’t black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing…you might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, fuck it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing.” He went on to say, “I’m tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I’m trying to do the right thing, and that’s where I’m going with this.” There may be hope for those Republicans yet. Especially since Mayor Michael Bloomberg has publicly threatened to stop funding any Republican who doesn’t vote for gay marriage. Stick ‘em where it hurts, Bloomy.

Sharon Osborne recently announced that Oprah is her girl crush on an episode of The Talk. She said, “I can see Oprah in the middle of me and Ozzy.” Really? We’re finding it hard to picture that, but anyway. Check out the segment. [AfterEllen]

Again, how cute is Sara Gilbert in this clip. Although she’s a little too tight-lipped about her girl crush. Who do you think it is? Drew Barrymore? Laurie Metcalf? What’s your best guest? Tell us in the comments.


Female Cast of Trueblood
Female Cast of True Blood


So, rumour has it one of the heretofore straight characters on True Blood will be going gay in season four. No word yet on the gender but we have our fingers crossed it’s one of the many lovely ladies on the series. Here’s what Mike Ausiello had to say on the subject:

“I’m not going to reveal any more clues about the character…so as not to risk getting fanged by series creator Alan Ball. However, I will say that having witnessed the big reveal, it doesn’t feel gimmicky. In fact, after the initial shock wears off, I imagine you will do what I did and go, “Yeah. Makes total sense.”

So who’s it going to be? Let’s take a look at our fave straight ladies of Bon Temps and guess.

1. Sookie Stackhouse: Psychic part-fairy girl torn between two uber male vamp lover boys. Odds she’ll be our lez 1 in a billionty. Sure we’d love to see a sapphic Sookie, but she’s deeply entrenched in dudeland. So, no hope there.

2. Tara Thornton: A saucy-mouthed bartender with more boy trouble than…well…anyone. Odds are good she’s our queer, what with a suicidal mass murder and a bat crap crazy vamp among her poorly chosen exes it may be the time that Tara takes a dip in the lady pond. And it would be a welcome change from her usual bug-eyed bitching about boys. Snore.

3. Arlene Fowler: Vamp-ophobic barmaid with a brood of kiddos and a really bad dye job. Well, this one could go either way, on one hand, she got a bun in the oven (from her serial killer ex no less) and is engaged to the war veteran and PTSD suffering Terry Bellefleur (who is so sweet, we’re a little bit straight for him). But on the other hand, this is the season of the witch and you know those skyclad lady lovers might just be the ones to turn Arlene out.

4. Jessica Hamby: Baby vamp bombshell Jessica is probably not our grrl but let’s take a look at the evidence. On one hand, she’s deep in a will-they, won’t they three-way with sweetie pie ex Hoyt and shape-shifting bad boy Tommy. However on the other hand she is a vampire, which from what we can tell equates to pretty fluid sexuality, and then there’s that flannel, I dunno but that’s lookin’ pretty gay to us.

So what do you think? Who is your pick for this season’s addition to “the family”? [TVLine]