The LGBTI Community Will Not Allow The Australian Christian Lobby To Bully
It’s time the ACL drops their obsession with the LGBTI community.

Greens Senator and Sexuality Spokesperson Robert Simms addressed the Australian Christian Lobby for the group’s homophobic attacks on anti-bullying programs like the Safe Schools Coalition.

The Safe Schools Coalition is a free program that Principals can sing up for. The program is committed to building schools that are free from homophobic and transphobic bullying and provides a safe and inclusive learning environment.

The Australian Christian Lobby believes this program is “harmful” to students and will lead students to “become gay”.

Simms began his speech by speaking about the recent Same-Sex and Gender Diverse Formal put on by Minus 18.

Simms stated that he was “very moved by this event.” and that it was “a powerful thing to see so many young people, out and proud, comfortable in their own skin. And celebrating diversity at an important social ritual like a formal.”

The Safe Schools Coalition collaborated with Minus 18, Australia’s largest youth led organistaion for LGBT youth.

Simms introduced the Australian Christian Lobby by saying that the ACL is not representative of Australian Christians and added, “Indeed, a vast majority of Australian Christians reject their world view. This group are completely unrepresentative—they are simply an extreme fringe group.”

He highlighted how the idea of talking about being gay will “turn” students gay is ridiculous. In an example the senator said, “I am intrigued by this idea that simply by talking about being gay; simply by talking about difference you’re somehow going to convert people. It’s as if it’s something that you catch!”

He also went on an explained how he has spent his life “exposed to heterosexuality; we live in a heteronormative society.”

Simms also went on to point out that the ACL has argued, “gay marriage is more dangerous than smoking.”

Simms suggested that the ACL focus on a campaign that would be meaningful and helpful towards society. He illustrated how war, poverty, famine, climate change, and economic inequality are just a few of the injustices the world faces.

He said, “If the ACL want to take on moral decay, maybe they should tackle those issues, maybe they should deal with these moral challenges and drop this obsessed with the gay and lesbian community.”

The speech closed with Simms saying he was “tremendously proud of the young people who are doing this good work.” and said he does not doubt that they are changing lives for the better.