A paradise for brides-to-be was delivered by the biggest wedding show of the year.

Now that same-sex marriage is the law of the land, brides-to-be are brushing up on their knowledge of the options and rituals open to them for their special day. On November 16, at the Metropolitan Pavilion New York, NY, over fifteen hundred people attended the Wedding Salon to search for ideas, inspiration, and resources from top-tier suppliers in the bridal industry.

Wedding Salon is the nation’s #1 premier luxury bridal show, and the event itself is designed to look and feel like a big budget, upscale wedding.

Lucky guests were given the VIP treatment: treated with cup cakes, crepes, ice cream and other sweet treats. They were dazzled by beautiful table settings and flowers arrangements; by wine and cocktails; by glam photographers; by string quartets; by dream destinations for honeymoons, and—of course—by gowns fit for a fairytale.

While not particularly queer (there was a noticeable absence of genderqueer couturiers), all the vendors we spoke to were LGBT friendly and enthusiastic about same-sex nuptials.

Here are some tips and myth busters taken from Wedding Salon’s big day:

1. DIY is the Only Option for Rustic Chic Weddings

Often time couples associate rustic chic wedding with a lot of DIY work. The myth has officially been busted. Many vendors are offering services, visual elements, and products for rustic chic weddings that will save your weekends from being consumed by scissors, thread, and mason jars.

2. Planning Your Wedding Online is the Easiest Option

Although the ease of the internet search has created an “always in hand” wedding planning resource, our couples found that meeting over 125 luxury wedding companies face to face made the decisions easier than ever.  One bride even said “I booked my photo booth, entertainment company and makeup artist today. And, I have a few options for flowers and a honeymoon! It was really easy to see what these vendors are capable of with such interactive displays.”

3. Orange is the New Black

While traditional pinks, lavenders and whites were presented at the showcase, it was easy to spot all of the vibrant warm tones. Vendors showcased how to excite a color scheme with a pop of a bright color. The popularity of orange in decorations and flowers marks orange as the new cream.

4. You Have to Know What You Want

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want until you see it in person. According to our couples, they ended up discovering new ideas and elements for their wedding that they had no idea they even wanted.