Jarrod Bleijie Supports Australian Marriage Equality
Jarrod Bleijie Supports Australian Marriage Equality

The man who rejected civil partnerships and marriage equality has changed his heart.

Jarrod Bleijie, the former Queensland attorney general, announced that he has changed his stance on marriage equality.

Bleijie led the rejection of civil partnerships. He said, “I have gone from being the attorney-general responsible for abolishing same-sex civil partnerships in Queensland, to intending to vote in favour in the forthcoming federal plebiscite.”

Bleijie also has plans to argue in the Queensland Parliament for the return of state-sanctioned civil partnership.

This change in opinion has the possibility of causing a split within the LNP party due to LNP leader Lawrence Springborg’s opposition to marriage equality.

In terms of this possible split, Bleijie said, “I respect the view of my colleagues who hold views contrary to my own.”

Bleijie says his personal decision to support marriage equality came after performing marriage ceremonies for friends and relatives. He said, “Marriage should be a statement of love and commitment between the happy couple; not an institution that rejects those who wish to enter it with the best intentions.”

He also added that the changing nature of society and deep introspection on the “nature of marriage” played a role in his decision. Recognising the growth of the community he also said, “I believe there is now a growing consensus within the community that all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, out to be able to formally, and within sight of their fellow citizens, enter into civil unions that evidence their love and commitment for one another.”

Rodney Croome of Australian Marriage Equality said, “I applaud Mr Bleijie for opening his heart to those same-sex partners…” and added, “With support growing right across the social and religious spectrum, it’s becoming harder to see why we need a plebiscite—but if we do have one the outcome is increasingly likely to be ‘yes’.”