MP Peter Abetz
MP Peter Abetz

The attack on same-sex parenting and marriage continues.

Liberal MP Peter Abetz announced to the nation his reasoning in supporting the ban on same-sex marriage.

During a speech in Western Australian Parliament, Abetz made a jarring speech riddled with controversial ideas to justify his stance.

One such argument he used in the attempted justification revolved around perceived “similarities” between children being raised in same-sex households and the Stolen Generation.

He stated, “The sad chapter of our history of the Stolen Generation surely points out that kids want to be brought up by their biological mum and dad if that’s possible.”  He went on to describe, what he refers to as a “massive problem” being seen with children conceived using donor sperm or egg searching for the biological donors.

His erroneous statements did not stop with comparing same-sex parenting to the forcible removal of indigenous Australian children from their biological parents. He went on to state that same-sex couples, especially men, are incapable of sustaining a monogamous relationship.

The speech ended with Abetz stating, “no matter what arrangements people of same sex might make with each other regarding their sexual lifestyle and commitment, it is not marriage.”

Abetz believes that marriage equality should be decided by a plebiscite and not by Federal Parliament. He stated, “I believe that if we’re going to change something that is so fundamental of our society as to how we define marriage, I believe that every person in this country should be able to have their say on that.”