Tasmania to allow same sex adoptionLGBT rights groups have applauded Tasmania’s move to allow same sex adoption.

Tasmanian gay rights advocates say legislation to be introduced today removing the ban on same-sex couples being allowed to adopt children given up by their biological parents is in the best interests of children.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,

“This Bill is about what is best for children because it allows adoption agencies the fullest range of potential adoptive parents to choose from. In particular, there are foster children in the care of same-sex couples in Tasmania who will benefit from being adopted by their foster parents. Same-sex couples are just as capable as opposite-sex couples of providing children in need with a safe, secure, loving home life.”

In Tasmania, same-sex partners have been able to adopt their step-children since 2003, same-sex partners have been deemed as legal parents of children born through IVF since 2009, and same-sex surrogacy was legalised in 2012. Same-sex couples have been fostering children in Tasmania for many years.

“The latest legislation simply brings the Adoption Act into line with the prevailing ethos of Tasmanian law which is that all couples and families should be treated equally.”

“It also eliminates the one last remnant of anti-gay discrimination from existing state law.”

The ban on same-sex adoption has already been removed in Western Australia, NSW and the ACT.