Still from ‘kiss her im famous’

Real L Word star Tracy Ryerson is back on screen in the sexy new web series.

San Francisco indie filmmaker Rolla Selbak is taking a new approach to fame with her web series that premieres today, Kiss Her I’m Famous. Featuring The Real L Word’s Tracy Ryerson and up-and-coming actress Ilea Matthews, this goofy show is a satirical commentary on amateur sex tapes and faux celebrities.

Tracy Ryerson plays Mandy, the responsible lezzie (because come on, of course, the lesbian is the responsible one) with a stable job and a swanky apartment. We are introduced to her the day after her breakup with her girlfriend, Hannah, who’s broken up with Mandy because she’s not adventurous enough…in bed.

Jen, played by Ilea Matthews, is Mandy’s slightly intrusive and very energetic friend whose filmmaker boyfriend is in France for a festival. After persistently begging Mandy to hack into the boyfriend’s email account to check if he’s cheating, Jen finds his online activity to be more than suspect and announces her status as Mandy’s surprise new roommate. “I sleep in the nude now,” Jen adds. Lucky Mandy!

With both of the ladies’ generally crummy love lives, Jen insists that they formulate a plan. Her communication to Mandy is rather vague, but as a viewer, you can gather the clues of what is to come pretty much from the get-go. The first episode launches with news coverage of a US Senator’s sex scandal caught on film that’s gone viral, poking fun at the sex tape phenomenon by pointing out the butt cheek pimple on the mistress, which landed her a $20 million reality TV show contract.

Tracy Ryerson plays a convincing Mandy, tired and stressed, the typical too responsible, needs to break out of her shell scenario. While Ilea Matthews has more comedic freedom as the spontaneous, unapologetic wild child, Ryerson still has some room to let her sarcastic sense of humour shine. And of course, we’d be lying if we said the on-screen action between the equally smoking hot Ryerson and Matthews isn’t the main reason we’re watching the series.